Dates are:-

Times are 14:00 to 16:30 on these days, normally Sundays-
1st October - refreshments Stacey
12th November - refreshments Sue
10th December - refreshments Margaret

14th January - refreshments Sally
11th February - refreshments Janet
11th March - refreshments Trevor
8th April - refreshments Emma
6th May - refreshments Julia
10th June - refreshments Michelle
8th July - refreshments Rosie

Please put these dates in your diary and make every effort to come to as many rehearsals as possible as this makes so much difference to our performances.

Christmas Tree Festival: December
Valentines: 12th May (tbc)


Doddinghurst Road Community Church
56-60 Doddinghurst Road
CM15 9EH

Refreshment Rota

If you are on the rota please bring biscuits for the break and be prepared to make the tea, and check that everything is washed up, tidied away etc. If you know that you are not going to be there on your rota day, please arrange a swap with someone.
Thank you.